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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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what we have just learned about this hostage situation. >> that attack coming one week from the day of a terrorist attack. we are learning new details about that attack as well as the search for the people behind it. >> chilly and breezy today, cooler air makes its way in for the weekend. i'll have my updated temperature forecast. >> and a green light for more expensive driving. but it's not just the people who drive a busy highway who don't like the plan to change tolls. i'm barbara harrison. news4 midday starts right now.
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we are staying on top of breaking news, that is that hostage situation in the country of mali in west africa. what we've learned is that the hostage situation is over. and that reportedly all of these hostages, initially 170 of them, are now free. we are also hearing that a belgian diplomat is reportedly one of the people who was killed in this attack at a radisson hotel in mali's capital. also new, just in the past few minutes, al qaeda claiming responsibility for this attack. gunmen stormed in to the hotel this morning. took those hostages inside a radisson there in mali's capital. u.s. military personnel already stationed in mali, helped with hostages. we had video there. you saw thaç it showed some of
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those hos tatages being taken t safety. reports that at least three people are dead in the attack. we don't know whether that belgian dip nlomat is one of th three. this is quickly developing. we'll bring you the latest throughout the show. the other big developing story is the terror attacks in paris. they happened exactly one week ago. today we learn one of the people injured in the attacks has died. that brings the death toll to 130 with hundreds more still hurt. some of them critically. today french prosecutors revealed a third person died in a raid in a paris suburb where the suspected planner of the attacks also died. that happened on wednesday. we don't know who that third person is. at least not yet. since the attacks, french police say they carriy eied out nearly raids and 182 last night. police seized 76 weapons.
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discussions of the terror attacks in paris spill nothing decision 2016. candidates for president are split on whether to welcome syrian refugees into the country. donald trump said he supports a mandatory database to track muslims already in the united states. >> i would certainly implement that. >> how do you actually get them registered? >> good management. you have to have good management procedures. we can do that. >> republican dr. ben carson suggested concerns about syrian refugees in the united states are similar to a part's concerns about mad dogs, saying if there's a rabid dog running around your neighborhood you probably won't assume something good about that neighborhood. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders say it's the right thing do to welcome refugees. a bill to keep them out is on its way to the senate after it passed in the house yesterday. here's live look outside our
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studios in northwest washington. you can see our flag in the front circle blowing. winds gusting at 20 miles per hour. breezy for the rest of today. noticeably cooler from yesterday by about 10, 15 degrees. you need the warmer jacket. currently the temperature 52. by 2:00, not much movement. around 54. 5:00 p.m., 51. 8:00, a temperature of 45. as we work our way into the weekend, temperatures continue to tumble. coming up, i'll let you know how the weather will impact your weekend activities. > . >> i'm megan mcgrath live in arlington. you can see the i-66 ramp behind me here, could tolls be coming to this busy highway? i-66 inside the beltway. it's slow going during rush hour. but how about paying a toll to ease congestion?
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that is what vdot would like to do. last night the arlington county board endorsed the plan in concept. bringing tolls one step closer to reality. the idea is drawing mexed reviews. >> we all have to get to work somehow. no matter what transportation you have, it will go up. >> i wouldn't like that at all. >> why? >> gas is already expensive enough. >> anything that helps traffic would be great. it's terrible. >> we don't like tolls anywhere. >> why not? >> i think we pay enough taxes on our roads. >> reporter: the plan calls for tolls on weekdays, peak periods, and peak directions. depending on your commute, it could cost up to $300 a month. while many are concerned by the cost, others who live near the highway are worried about the traffic impact should drivers avoid the tolls by using parallel neighborhood streets. >> they are already clogging them up. you try to get out of this neighborhood between 7:00 and
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8:30 in the morning, the traffic is pretty difficult on washington boulevard or any parallel street going east/west. >> reporter: and it's important to note that the board endorsed this plan in concept at this stage. the next step, more study, also the details of how the toll system would work. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. you'll get slowed down on four metro lines this weekend. on the blue and yellow lines, trains will start single tracking at pentagon city. both lines will run trains every 24 minutes. the green line is running on time but trains are single tracking between college park and greenbelt. on the red line, trains are running every 20 minutes and single tracking between rhode island avenue and judiciary square. the disappearance in our area that made international headlines. why a famous cold case could make headlines today. and the cause that's about to bring a group of protesters across the potomac into the
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heart of the nation's capital.
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in just an hour we expect an update in the retrial of chandra levee's case. police found levee's remains in rock creek park a year after her death. the conviction is being challenged be ed because of lac evidence linking him to the death. lawyers for the university of virginia say a woman is not cooperating in a defamation lawsuit against rolling stone magazine. a woman named jackie was featured in an article in which she claims she was gang raped.
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lawyers for the school's dean wanted jackie to hand over documents that she sent to the magazine. rolling stone later retracted that article. at the white house protesters are marching in recognition of the one-year anniversary of president obama's rollout of programs that protect millions of undocumented immigran immigrantses. one group is marching from arlington to the white house. more protesters will gather at the supreme court in a half hour. a recent court decision blocks two programs of keeping undocumented families together. getting you ready for the biggest travel day of the year. what you should know before you head out
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here's your friday night lights forecast.
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47 at 7:00. chilly. winds not much of an issue. winds will diminish around 5:00 p.m. 10:00, temperature of 43. even with light wind it will feel more like temperatures in the 30s. bundle up heading out this evening. it's dry tonight and dry for the weekend. focusing on the temperatures. raking the leaves, i think it will be better tomorrow. we're tracking breezy conditions returning on sunday. also downright cold. farmers markets need the warmer coats. outdoor exercise, if you like to get out in the early morning hours, consider bringing out the gloves. i'll walk you through the forecast tomorrow showing you temperatures in ten minutes. it's deadline day for volkswagen to have a plan to fix its emissions cheating software in california. volkswagen says about 120,000 diesel car owners in the u.s. have accepted compensation. the diesel cars released up to 40 times more nitrous oxide than
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allowed. there is a plan to recall and repair the vehicles. the tsa wants you to be prepared for the biggest travel rush of the year this thanksgiving. we have some travel tips for you. remember to remove your shoes, your belts, and light outerwear that will speed you through the screening process at places where you have to do those things. if you're not sure what you can put in your carry-on, there's an app for that. the app is called "when i fly i can bring my qu" it will help y figure out what's allowed. avoid large jewelry that can slow down the line and arrive at least two hours before your flight. from thanksgiving to christmas, the big event unfolding right now in washington that a lot of people in the holiday spirit.
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>> the suburbs in the mid 30s.
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as we work our way towards lunch time, beautiful sunshine. temperatures around 50 degrees. crisp, autumn weather. winds not an issue tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow in the low 50s. suburbs hitting 50 degrees at about 3:00. washington at about 53. 54 for a high temperature. as the sun goes down, we'll cool quickly. 5:00, temperatures back down to around 50 degrees. 8:00 p.m., temperatures in the 40s. cooler on sunday. i'll have a complete look at next seven days coming up in ten minutes. this is chris gordon at the u.s. courthouse in the district. doug hughes, the former u.s. postal employee who flew a homemade gyrocopter down the mall and landing at the u.s. capitol is expected to enter a guilty plea today. he's charged with a felony, flying an aircraft without
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registration. he did it as an act of civil disobedience protestish disobedience, protesting against special interest money. he could face up to three years in prison, but hughes is asking for a sentence of six months to be served in home detention or community service. he is also asking that sentencing be delayed until next april, so he can participate in a protest march from philadelphia here to the nation's capital. that's the latest from federal court, chris gordon, news 4. and developing right now, violence in israel has taken the life of an american teen. three people were killed including 18-year-old ezra schwartz. he is from boston and was studying in israel. he is one of five people killed in two attacks believed to be carried out by palestinians. look at this rescue.
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a kayaker fell out of his boat while rushing through the rapids there in north carolina. that's when the volunteer jumped into action and pulled him to safety. we re-run it here. the kayaker broke ha vertebrae and his tailbone. chicago is expecting between an inch to eight inches of snow between now and the weekend. crews are loading up more than 200 salt trucks. the heaviest stuff expected on saturday. a little taste of the holidays now at capitol. the capitol christmas tree arrived an hour ago. molette green is on the hill for a firsthand look at all the fun. hi. >> hey, barbara. look at the crane behind me hoisting the capital christmas tree up right now. boy, is this a lot of fun to
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watch. moving people to sing and cry. ♪ >> reporter: look what rode into town on 18 wheels after 4,000 miles. >> oh tannenbaum ♪ ♪ rocking around the christmas tree ♪ >> reporter: not yet dressed for the holiday glitz of the season, but already getting attention. this is the first capitol christmas tree to come from alaska. >> i liken it to traveling with a celebrity. wherever you stop, the tree gets all the attention. you do whatever it needs. >> reporter: this tourist from maine is staking her state's claim to at least part of this tree's journey. >> no, but i did discover the trailer is registered in maine. so something -- maine has been involved with this tree. go maine. >> reporter: the 74-foot spruce not even at the perch at the capitol, but already making a
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big statement. >> when i walked down capitol hill and came around the corner and saw the tree and the capitol, it's like i'm proud of our country. i think this makes a statement about our unity, our values, our families. our communities. and it really hit me. now i'm going to cry about it. >> it is quite a site and it will take some time to get that 74-foot tall tree in place. thousands of ornaments, about 4,000 of them will adorn it. about 2,000 lights will go on this tree. the children of alaska who made those ornaments will take part in decorating the tree. house speaker, brand-new house speaker, paul ryan will be the one who will light the tree on december 2nd. it will stay lit through the new year until january 2nd. that is the latest live from the west lawn of the capital. i'm molette green, news 4.
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barbara? >> thank you. >> going to be a sight to see. happy birthday mr. vice president. joe biden, 73 years old today. he's at home in delaware maybe getting ready for a nice party. have you picked up adele's new album yet? it's out today. there's a chance it could break a huge record in the music industry. when you're not at home, you can still watch news 4 midday. just open up nbc washington app.
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here are just some of the stories lighting up social media. adele fans, listen up. her latest album "25" is now on sale and it may break records. columbia records will ship 3.6
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million copies of the album just to the u.s. alone. that will mark the largest number of new release cds shipped in the past decade. "no strings attached" shipped 4.2 million copies. the new york sometimes reports that "25" will not appear on apple music, spotify or any other streaming service. her reps are keeping tight lipped on whether it will be available for streaming in the future. >> look at this. the toddler who threw a tantrum in front of the president. the little girl was the daughter of slate writer laura mozier. so like a true writer she put pen to paper to explain what caused the tantrum what to wear. heading to the white house meant claudia had to wear a proper dress. when she realized her mother did not bring her favorite dinosaur sheet, that was
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52 degrees right now with winds out of the north at 14 miles per hour. that northerly wind keeping cool air around today. tomorrow into sunday as well. tomorrow, a high of 53. still plenty of sunshine. more cloud cover on sunday. we'll start off with plenty of clouds, clouds will diminish throughout the day. breezy from start to finish. a high of 49. they continue to tumble on monday with a high of 45. plenty of sun, breezy. high temperature of 56. below normal on monday. tuesday, wednesday looking good. low 50s on tuesday. mid 50s on wednesday. thanksgiving right now looking dry with a mix of clouds and sun and a high temperature around 60 degrees. on sunday, with the high of 49 and starting off with 38 degrees, the breezy conditions. so it will feel cooler than the
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thermometer is reading. coming up, i'll let you know what it will feel like on sunday. this morning, a new study says kids who take adhd medications can be at risk for being bullied. researchers found kids taking ritalin or similar medication doubled the risk of those without adhd. get this, kids who shared or sold meds were almost five times more likely to be bullied. a unique approach to reducing gun violence is happening this weekend in prince george's county. tomorrow police will give residents money for any guns they turn in. all residents have do is show up with a gun to turn in, unloaded, and in the trunk of your car. a police officer will take the gun and the citizen will get a gift card for as much as $150 in return. the collection is happening at first baptist church in upper marlboro. it rounds from 9:00 to 1:00
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tomorrow. too soon? why some parents are outraged at their kid's homework assignment and why it was not the right way to deal with the attacks in paris. and an entire hospital forced to clear out. wait until you he
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many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly.
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that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. right now two major stories
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overseas in mali, west africa. french television is reporting all the hostages have been freed from the radisson blu hotel. six americans were among those rescued from the 170 taken captive. three people died, but that number could grow higher. in france, another victim of last week's terror attacks has died. that brings the death toll to 130 now with hundreds more recovering. police are trying to find anybody involved in the attacks. and french prosecutors say a third person was killed in the same raid where the suspected ring leader died. a fight brewing on capitol hill as fears continued after the attack in paris. >> some lawmakers want to keep syrians out of the u.s. a plan that is now moving forward. tracie potts is monitoring the developments. >> reporter: in the wake of the paris attacks and isis videos mentioning washington and new york, the obama administration is trying to 6kkyk
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campaign trail. >> simply, we can't take them. we can't take them. we can't take them. it could be a trojan horse. >> reporter: ben carson compared it to protecting children from rabid dogs. >> doesn't mean you hate all dogs by any stretch of the imagination, but you're hutting your intellect into motion and thinking how do i protect my children? >> slamming the door on every syrian refugee, that is just not who we are. >> reporter: that effort to
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block syrian refugees from coming into the country now moves to the senate. we're told they won't take it up until after the thanksgiving break. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. also in d.c. today, american muslim also stand against isis and condemn last week's attacks. there's a rally at lincoln memorial starting at 3:00 this afternoon. after that, american muslim also hold a vigil in front of the white house. an apology after a homework assignment that did not go over well with parents. a teacher in utah asked students to make a propaganda poster in the name of isis. school administrators said the students were in the middle of history of the middle east. the teacher was trying to show how propaganda can be a bad thing. we're following the latest in decision 2016. ben carson heading to new hampshire today. he will file his paperwork for the state's primary elections. that's happening about 11:30
11:33 am
this morning. right around now. today is the last day for candidates to file. they will have until 5:00 to do that. they have to do it in person. your college football weather for tomorrow, chilly, temperatures in the low to mid 50s. you will want a warmer jacket, a couple layers. plenty of sunshine and winds not an issue as we take on indiana state college, totally different story. it will be cold, especially if you're getting there early. temperatures for the game in the low to mid 40s. we'll beat michigan with that kickoff of noon. partly sunny skies for the game. sunday, breezy conditions that will add an additional chill to the air. here's what it will feel like sunday during the morning hours. feels like temperatures around 30 degrees. during the afternoon, it will only feel like temperatures are around 40 degrees. however, with dry conditions, it may be a good time to get the
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car washed. >> i love how you talk smack with a smile on your face. a new poll finds d.c. residents almost equally split over a city-wide ban on gun ownership. 51% told the "washington post" they want it reinstated. 47% said they did not. the supreme court ruled that ban unconstitutional back in 2008. happening today, an update on carrying laws in the city. a federal appeals court is considering the requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit. a virginia group wants an easier process to change gender on birth records. right now the state requires proof of a sex reassignment surgery. but people may be able to bypass the process by going to the department of vital records. they are urging to recognize a modern understanding of appropriate treatment for transgender people. new details about a secret
11:35 am
service officer, lee moore is charged with trying to solicit sex with an undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old girl. moore had contact with two underage girls online. he's accused of exchanging obscene pictures and texts with him. some while he was working at the white house. a rally calling for transparency in jimarr clark's death investigation. police officers shot and killed him while responding to a domestic dispute in minneapolis this weekend. protest say he was handcuffed at the time. last night's protests were not violence, but two people were arrested. listen to why a new dad is in a whole lot of trouble. police say a man called in a bomb threat to a utah hospital so he would have enough time to get there for his wife's c-section. officers say 26-year-old michael morlang was in idaho when he called the medical center. the hospital had to be
11:36 am
evacuated, er patients had to move 30 miles away. >> we had one that was already under anesthesia. we had not started the procedure yet. so that one we stopped. we interrupted. we actually woke them up and sent them home. >> morlang faces up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine. one for the record books. the movie event this holiday season that is already showing signs of an
11:37 am
the new star wars movie doesn't open for a month but it's already set to smash box office records. it would rake in at least $200 million in its opening weekend, possibly topping jurassic world's $208.8 million debut earlier this year.
11:38 am
last month fandango said it sold already more tickets than hunger games in 2012. hollywood is making room for a new home at l.a.x. the proposal for a posh new lounge has been approved. officials are trying to reduce disturbances by paparazzi and autograph seekers in the main terminal. won't be free. celebrities would have to pay as much as $1800 per trip for that privacy perk. similar facilities exist at international airports like amsterdam, dubai and london. giant pandas will stay at the national zoo for at least another five years. the zoo and the conservation biology institute have renewed their breeding agreement. any cub born at the national zoo will stay there until they're four years old. calls for change. the job and housing situation
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that a lot of people say they want to see
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temperatures now in the upper 40s and low 50s. 52 in washington, manassas and leesburg. it's chilly out there when you factor in the winds. it will be breezy for the remainder of the day. as the sun starts to go down, winds relax. 2:00 p.m., temperature of about 54. wear a coat if you're heading out. tonight, maybe grab your warmest jacket. by 8:00, temperature around 45. especially if you're sitting around for friday night lights. a look ahead to travel weather. this is wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. cool here in our area. in fact, all along the east coast tracking cooler temperatures but dry conditions. good travel weather. there's a chance for showers in the middle part of the country. warm temperatures there. snow showers impacting the pacific northwest. >> we are just trying to make it
11:41 am
better for those who are members of the unwanted club. >> the d.c. faith community wants action on homelessness and unemployment. members are worried not enough is being done. >> they're calling for more jobs and affordable housing in the district. last night hundreds of them pressed muriel bowser for a timeline on closing the d.c. homeless shelter. we will always have a need for emergency housing. we need 280 units. we think there's a better way do it in smaller units. not a big hospital. >> mayor bowser voiced her support for six city-wide shelters. time is running out for that homeless camp that's growing by the kennedy center in northwest washington. the d.c. government has given the people living in those tents until 2:00 this afternoon to move voluntarily. the district promises to store their belongings and that only
11:42 am
the hold-outs may face forced removal. right now on news4 midday, some weekend traffic tie ups could be waiting for you. >> we'll show you what to avoid and why safety on the roadses will be so important next week. we're back in a moment.
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while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto® is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. several breaking developments right now in that hostage situation at a hotel in mali. the big news here, french tv
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reports that there are no more hostages inside the radisson blu hotel. we are working to find out if the situation is, in fact, 100% over. this is video you just saw of special forces helping those hostages out. gunmen stormed the hotel and took 170 people hostage. french media right now also reporting that 15 to 20 people have been killed. a terrorist group affiliated with al qaeda is claiming responsibility for this attack. we also know that six americans were at the hotel and that they are safe. the u.s. embassy in mali is telling americans over there to stay put, shelter in place basically and is discouraging any sort of movement around the capital city in mali. back to you. a couple things on the roads and rails i want to pass along. in nokesville, a big closure.
11:46 am
vint hill load shut down from shaffer road to determination drive. this is from friday night to monday morning. the metro lines, red train running every 20 minutes. single tracking there. regular schedule on silver,
11:47 am
you're heading to deep creek, snow showers there, maybe early sunday morning. little accumulation, but that's to give you an idea of how chilly it will be. sunday morning at 11:00 a.m., talk about mostly sunny skies. i'll have another look at the next seven days in ten minutes. a convicted spy who sold u.s. secrets to israel is out of prison. jonathan pollard spent the last 30 years behind bars. the 61-year-old got paroled from a life sentence. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu celebrated pollard's release. pollard has to stay in the u.s. for at least five years. next week marks one year since former d.c. mayor marion barry died. barry's widow is part of the commission appointed to honor the often controversial barry. he served four terms as mayor and spent 16 years on d.c.
11:48 am
council. >> as time goes on, people are focusing more and more on what he did for the city and less of what he did to himself. >> reporte >> she says the community suggested naming schools or treats after her late husband. >> right now a man who landed a gyro copter outside the u.s. capitol is in court. he will admit to flying the copter back in april without a license. the florida postal worker said he did it to give attention to how rich people influence politics. d.c. police arrested a howard university student for driving a car through a dorm building on campus. alcohol was a factor in the crash last night at bathune annex resident hall. no students were hurt and the building was deemed safe for students to return to overnight. new support for a plan to add toll lanes on i-66. the arlington county board
11:49 am
endorsed vdot's concept that would mean tolls on weekdays during peak hours. if the tolls go through, some people could pay as much as $300 a month to use those lanes. next weekend is expected to be one of the busiest travel times of the year and unfortunately one of the deadliest. over the four-day thanksgiving weekend, the national safety council estimates more than 430 deaths and 52,000 injuries. as many as 42 million americans are expected to be on the roads over that weekend. a wrongly convicted man is getting more than $16 million from the d.c. government. donald gates spent 27 years behind bars on false convictions that he raped and killed a georgetown university student. dna evidence helped to exonerate him. prosecutors eventually acknowledged they used a
11:50 am
discredited fbi analyst and a paid informant as witnesses during the trial. muriel bowser said yesterday's settlement was the right thing do. a new display today at the capit capitol. the national christmas tree has arrived. this came from a national forrest in alaska. it's 74 feet tall, a spruce. the capital christmas tree has been a tradition at the toll since 1964. house speaker paul ryan will light the tree on december 2nd. monday is a big day at nbc 4. all day long it's our annual food for families drive. we'll have a phone bank up and running all day long on monday. you can drop off donations at the verizon center on monday, or you can head to any washington first bank location as well as adler's jewelers and sax fifth avenue. you can also donate online at
11:51 am a news crew becomes part of a story for all the wrong reasons. plus a classic sweet treat gets ready for something huge.
11:52 am
here's more of the stories you're sharing this morning. last year it was oreo churros, now j & j snack stepping up their games, cream-filled crurros. ten inches long. the company says they like the idea of having an other xwroreo portfolio. we spotted this next story here onn on yahoo!.com. police responded to lancaster,
11:53 am
pennsylvania when a news photographer's tripod was thought to be a machine gun. they said the caller did the right thing in calling something suspicious. employees at industrial resolution posted this on facebook earlier. also lighting up yahoo! something else, a mountain lion. look at this for me here. look at this guy. what a cutie. he's been chained up for two decades as part of a traveling circus. he's free. wildlife officials and activists released the lion back to his rightful place in the forrest. the year-long mission cost more than $1 million. all donations from people who wanted to see that beautiful creature free. >> beautiful animal. >> really beautiful. thank you. as the song says, breaking up is hard to do. >> but now your facebook wants to make it easier for everybody. we'll tell you about that in 60
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11:55 am
there's a road that winds its way through prince george's county. it sounds like fla flanked by shamrocks, on this week's street, we will travel down good luck road. we'll talk about the story behind its name. >> there's never a day that there's not an interesting question that comes up. >> join us tonight on new 4 at 6:00. highs today will warm into the mid to upper 50s. high of about 56 degrees. but with breezy conditions, it will feel cooler. beautiful sunshine. very little cloud cover. tomorrow, temperatures continue
11:56 am
to fall. sunday we're around 50 for a high. breezy conditions return on sunday. starting off at 38, feeling more like 30 and only feeling about 40 during the afternoon. on monday, a high of 45. you can see monday is the coolest day out of the next seven. a cold start, first time this season. washington is below 32 degrees. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, still looking dry and warming up. >> thank you. facebook wants to help ease the burden of a breakup. they have a new future available on the facebook mobile app. it helps you to see less of your ex. here's how it works. when you change your facebook status to single, facebook will ask you if you want to take a break from seeing his or her pictures and posts. it's an alternative to blocking them or unfolilowing them. you can also limit what your ex sees on your facebook page. >> that's it for news4 midday. thanks for joining us. pat lawson muse and chris
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lawrence will be here this afternoon at 4:00. >> all weekend long, you
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